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Dog Might Games has been crafting fine wooden gaming accessories for over 4 years. During that time, the number one requested item from our fans was wooden dice. After years of building our amazing staff of woodworkers and after months of prototyping, we are now ready to produce the best dice available in a wide variety of rare woods and exotic natural materials (see our notes about how these are sustainably harvested below). Backed by a lifetime guarantee, our Artifact Dice are an awesome addition to any gaming table.

Black and white ebony with mother of pearl inlay
Black and White Ebony with Mother of Pearl Inlay
Coyote femur with royal azel inlay
Coyote Femur with Royal Azel Inlay
Whitetail antler in amber resin with jet inlay
Whitetail Antler in Amber resin with Jet Inlay

Below is a quick reference list of the wood species and other natural materials we are offering for this project. Learn more about each species' characteristics, traditional uses, weight compared to plastic polys, and pricing, further down the page.

If you'd like to know more about how our dice perform compared to plastics, check out our FAQs at the bottom of the project page.

Titan Bear Gaming Review

BoulderĀ® is a registered Trademark of Norse Foundry and is used with permission.
BoulderĀ® is a registered Trademark of Norse Foundry and is used with permission.

Enjoy a weekend of gaming for 2 at the Dog Might Headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI. with the Dog Might crew. Includes a one of a kind set of Artifact Dice built to your specs in one of the rarest woods or exotic materials in the world and more Dog Might swag then you can carry! Includes domestic flight in the continental USA, room, board, and a weekend of awesomeness. Dates to be determined.

BoulderĀ® is a registered Trademark of Norse Foundry and is used with permission.

We build high quality custom tabletop gaming hardware. From Deck Boxes to Dice Towers, each piece is created on site in our woodshop in Michigan by our devoted team of craftsmen. The company was willed into existence over 2000 years ago by a pair of insane axe-wielding Viking Lumberjack Gods. The Viking Lumberjack Gods had already been converting local Ents, and their less animated cousins, 'trees,' into high quality tabletop gaming gear for centuries. With the advent of the worldwide series of informational tubes, the Viking Lumberjack Gods realized that it was time to share their harvest with the rest of humanity. They opened the doors of Dog Might Games so all mortals could enjoy the bounty of Ent corpses converted into utilitarian gaming hardware.

Check out our full line of Gaming Gear at

Dice will be built in the order pledges are received so pledge early and hold your place in line. Fulfillment will begin on the project's 'delivery' date of November 2018 - we are currently projecting completion of approximately 50 sets of dice per month, starting in November 2018. This is a very conservative estimate that may be increased depending on the growth of the project. Please, follow along in our updates for the latest news and if, at any point in the process, you have any questions, send us a note at and we will take care of you. We have fulfilled thousands of orders over the last few years and on time delivery is a top priority for us. We have invested in new machinery specifically for making dice and this project will not be effected by, nor will it effect, our other production or fulfillment. A Pledge Manager will be used after the project is complete, giving you the opportunity to choose the specs of your dice pledge and list any add-ons you would like.

We are devoted to ensuring that every one of our customers is filled with joyous celebration. When you use you Dice for the first time, don't be surprised if you experience one of the following: prolonged speechlessness; immediate unexpected bowel movements; or bleeding eyeballs. If this does not occur, or for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, we will make it right for the life of your product. If you still have any doubts, read through some of our customers' thoughts on our products on our Testimonials page. Bet you can't read them all.

Will the Dice look exactly like the photo?Our Dice are a product of nature and each set is made from unique materials. We source our materials from suppliers that are well known to us and are confident all sets will be similar to the photos.

Will these Dice Roll "True"?
Our dice are a product of nature - and nature is imperfect. We cannot guarantee that our dice will be perfectly balanced. However, during our testing, they have proven to be very reliable. When using these in normal gaming, whether with board games or RPGs, they are more than chaotic enough to provide a significant amount of randomness. For more information read the article in our Forums: 'Wooden Dice: Are these things balanced?'.

Are These Dice Factory Perfect?
No, they are not. They are precision cut by a CNC machine, and then sanded, inlaid, and finished by hand. Hand sanding is accurate, but is not the same as mould-injected plastics. We minimize errors as much as possible and will not sell dice that fall outside of our strict guidelines. Remember, if for any reason you are not happy with your dice, they are backed by our 100% Kick Ass Guarantee.

Why Do They Cost More Than Traditional Dice?
Our dice require a lot of individual attention from skilled artisans. This is predominantly slow, precise work with high attention to detail. Each die is given an absurd amount of Viking Lumberjack TLC.

Do These Roll Like My Plastic Polys?
Close, but a little different. We leave sharper edges on our dice that result in a more chaotic roll which provides more randomness when it comes to natural materials.

How Does The Weight Of These Dice Compare to Plastic Polys?
A set of plastic polys generally weigh 1.0 oz +/- 0.1 oz. Our lightest dice are 0.7 oz and our heaviest dice are 1.3 oz. For more information read the article in our Forums: 'Wooden Dice: The weight of wood'.

Are These Dice the Same Size as Regular Polys?
They are slightly larger to show off the wood grain and to provide more heft in hand. The largest diameter is 1". Note that Wooden Dice will work with our entire product line with the exception of the Hero Sleeve and Traveller Dice Tower.

Want to ask a question about our dice?
We propotyped our Wooden Dice with the help of our small group of product testers, the Underdogs. They know a lot about our dice and many of them have a set of their own already. You can find them, and us, chatting up our forums all through the day. Come and join in the discussion. The reviews have been amazing and thoroughly prototyping dice makes us extremely confident in our ability to fulfill at our projected rate, if not better.

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Artifact Dice

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Please refer to the "Fulfillment" section at the bottom of the campaign for expected delivery.

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