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Game Tiles are magnetic, flexible, stack-able components to keep your pieces in line and ready to go. Tiles are modular, store with a small footprint, and will work with every game in your library. Tiles are available in your choice of design and color.

Driven by a minimalist design, Game Tiles are an essential utility to organize board game and TTRPGs. Forget the plastic - we use all natural North American hardwood that is reusable, flexible, and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The generous size of each tile provides the space you need for today's game components, while remaining sleek enough to maintain an elegant appearance.

Tiles stack vertically on top of one another with four rare earth magnets - no extra rack, straps, or complications needed. Tiles are easy to transport, clean up quickly, and store in a flash. Small tokens can be stored inside of the tiles when they are stacked, providing maximum utility in a compact footprint.

Game Tiles can be oriented in any direction - straight lines, corners, or curves. It's all up to you. Each tile has 8 rare earth magnets ensuring a powerful attachment point. They are designed to work in a variety of shapes with 3 adjacent tiles forming a 90 degree curve.

Download a pdf of the tiles and print out samples to create your ideal arrangement. Tiles are 7.0 inches by 3.75 inches with a 22.5 degree angle.

Game Tiles are available in 5 core designs:

  • Bowl - A flexible scooped well for components, tokens or dice.
  • Utility - A combination tile featuring two card slots and a medium well.
  • Waves - Three scooped wells for a variety of tokens, coins, or meeples.
  • Cards - A dedicated five slot tile for cards.
  • Split - A split well for smaller tokens and pieces.


Game Tiles are available in 6 essential colors. You are free to mix and match whatever designs and color you prefer for each tile. Grab a set of your favorite color, mix and match to create you own palette, or colorize each set by player.

All Game Tiles are reverse compatible, supported post campaign, and work across our other wood species. Get started with a recommended pack of six, or design your own layout. When you are ready to expand, tiles will be available via In Stock and Custom Order on our website.

All Chromatic Game Tiles are crafted in North American Curly Maple that is locally sourced where possible.

Curly Maple. Acer Saccharum, North America.

Compared to other species within the Acer genus, Acer saccharum, also  known as Hard Maple, is the most dense (sitting at about 1450 on the  Janka scale). Aside from the very important maple syrup that makes up a good portion of any gamer's diet, this tree produces a wood desirable for its work-ability, general ease of finishing, and lovely, classic appearance. 

Maple was used for furniture and cask spigots by our thirsty woodworking predecessors. Today, the wood is commonly seen in sports - basketball courts, baseball bats, bowling alleys, and archery bows.

Curl refers to the wavy gain patterning that is produced in a primarily horizontal pattern perpendicular to the wood grain. Curl is most pronounced when the board is quartersawn.

Looking for something more exotic? View our full line of natural hardwood Game Tiles.

Pledging is easy. Game Tiles are $20 each in your choice of color and design. Pledge for as many tiles as you desire!

To ease complexity we are offering flat rate shipping regardless of order size. Shipping will be added to your pledge based on location. These rates are guaranteed and will not change after the campaign. All shipping will be initiated with UPS.

See the actual numbers. View detailed shipping costs, weight categories, and VATs for all countries.

Note for international backers: We are required by law to charge country specific VAT (Value Import Taxes). These rates vary by country.

We know our production capabilities inside and out. We plan everything very tightly with the staff we have in place at time of launch. We have real time production tracking and live order updates via email. We have fulfilled over 20+ Kickstarter projects and are experts at what we do.

So relax, imagine what you can do with a set of Game Tiles, and let us handle the rest!

Our commitment to fulfillment begins in May. The project will be completed in escalating waves over the following months.

All orders will utilize our SCRY (See Crafting Results Yourself) system, a real-time production tracker. Backers will receive live email updates as their product moves throughout our shop and will be able to view the status and production of all backer orders as they are fulfilled.

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This is our mission.

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