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You take your game seriously. Now it's time for a serious screen.

In October of 2018, Dog Might released the first fully sculpted GM Screen, the Valhalla Screen. Since then, we have released over 30 more designs, including officially licensed screens for: Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, and Vampire: The Masquerade. We have also designed screens for you favorite shows, such as Relics and Rarities and the Critical Role stream of Undeadwood. Over the last year and a half, our Valhalla Screens have proven to be our most sought after product. 

Valhalla Screen Partners

This four paneled Fire Dragon Valhalla Screen is fully sculpted, crafted in Curly Hard Maple, and features a hand applied Fire finish. In addition, we are offering a full line of thematic accessories as well as a matching Player Pad for your PCs. We are also unveiling our cutting edge SCRY system - an online fulfillment platform which will inform our backers of the production of their screen in real time.

Each screen is individually numbered and will have your name engraved on the large plexi panel. Fulfillment begins in May with 25 Screens produced a month built in order of backer number.

Each Fire Dragon Valhalla screen is fully crafted in house at the Dog Might Shop in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Every aspect, from wood selection, to sanding, to hand applying the Fire Finish is performed by our devoted team of artisans. Every Screen and Player Pad is finished with 2 coats of our Catalyzed Lacquer, resulting in an archival, professional finish guaranteed to last a lifetime.

  • Break apart magnetic design for easy storage next to your rulebooks.
  • Each panel measures roughly 12" x 9", large enough to hold a full piece of paper and oriented in Landscape format to allow easy access to your players and table.
  • Metal rods hold your screen together firmly and allow full rotation of each screen to fit your table and GM style.
  • 24 Embedded magnets on the back of the screen for holding 3 included plexi panels for note taking or steel bearings for posting charts and tables. 10  Bearings are included with every Screen to pin your papers and notes.
  • Inline initiative track along the top of every panel. Comes with 6 plexi initiative trackers great for use with dry or wet erase markers.
  • Each  panel is crafted from 0.625" solid, kiln dried hardwood. Our screens  are created from hand selected boards, banded together horizontally to  prevent movement of the wood for a lifetime of use. 
Backer Number and name will be engraved on the large plexi panel commemorating the Limited Edition Project.

For our first Limited Edition Screen we wanted to feature one of the most iconic and fearsome creatures in the RPG universe - the infamous Red Dragon.

Crafting any Valhalla Screen is a complicated process. To make this concept come to life we collaborated with renowned fantasy illustrator Alyssa Menold. From multiple iterations the final concept was born.

STEP 1: The Original Fire Dragon Drawing.

The finished artwork is then sent to our in house digital sculptor who recreates the drawing in 3d with full profile and artistic flair. 

STEP 2: Wireframe of the Fire Dragon Model.

The modeling is then tweaked and completed for use on wood with CNC tooling. This process involves multiple revisions and many different testing runs to ensure the models work seamlessly with the machining hardware. 

STEP 3: The Fire Dragon Sculpted Model.

Each panel takes approximately 10 hours on a CNC to achieve the level of detail in our designs, for a total of 40 hours of machining time for a single screen. We have over 20 CNC machines on site that operate nearly 24 hours a day.

STEP 4: The Fire Dragon Preview Render.

The Fire Dragon Valhalla Screen features a one of a kind finish that was developed in house by the Dog Might team of artisans. Each screen is 'painted' by hand to showcase the sculpted details of the fiery beast and requires a high level of finishing experience. The alcohol based stains we use soak directly into the Maple and will never fade if exposed to sunlight. The GM side of the Valhalla Screen features a color gradation from black to red that highlights the beautiful figuring of the Curly Maple.

The Valhalla Screen is then sprayed with 2 coats of our Catalyzed Lacquer, a very hard finish that will protect your screen through a lifetime of use.

GMing is tough work and requires a high level of organization. To aid you in your task, we have created a line of fully integrated accessories for your Fire Dragon Valhalla Screen.

Add on Accessory Pack (+$250 with free shipping)

Screen accessories are fully magnetic and snap to the screen panels in a variety of positions for complete control over your customization.

  • Dice Tower with flame shaped cut out and tray.
  • Shelf with flame engraved surfaces. Has 3 tiers for minis, coins, or extra dice.
  • Dice Rack to hold up to 9 dice.
  • Pen Holder to hold dry / wet erase markers or pencil.
  • 6 Additional Initiative trackers.
  • Carrying Bag with foam inserts for protecting your Screen while transporting.

Any good GM knows that a campaign is only as good as its players. To that end, we've included something with your PCs in mind: the Fire Dragon Player Pad. 

Character Tracking with Storage. The  perfect complement to your character sheet, the Fire Dragon Player Pad is finely crafted in Curly Maple with our special edition Fire Finish and features your choice of engraved plexi for recording changes to your PC during your campaign. It consists of 3 wells that can be used for holding dice, pens and markers, decks of spell cards, or anything else a PC could need. The large well doubles as a rolling tray during your game. Includes our Black Dragonhide lining and your choice from 20 engraving options delineated by class and RPG system.

20 Engravings Options to Choose From. Match your character class with one of our detailed engraved panels. Click here to view engraving options.

20 Engravings to Choose from. Click to view options.

Accessories and additional Player Pads are available as Add Ons to any tier at no additional shipping charge. 

Screen Accessory Pack: Add a Shelf, Dice Tower, Dice Rack, Pen Holder, and Carrying Bag to your Screen - $250.

Player Pad with Engraved Plexi: Add one Fire Dragon Player Pad with your choice of engraving - $85.

Player Pad 4 Pack with Engraved Plexi: Add Four Fire Dragon Player Pads with your choice of engraving on each - $295.

Additional Engraved Player Pad Plexi: Add an extra engraved plexi panel for your Player Pad - $15.

Custom Engraved Player Pad Plexi: Work with a designer to bring your ideal Player Pad Engraving to life - $50.

See Crafting Results Yourself. The SCRY System is an upcoming feature that allows our customers to see their order's progress in real time. Each step of the process will have a detailed description and behind the scenes look at how we do what we do. You will also be able to see  which craftsperson is working on your item at any given time.

Backers will be emailed when production of their Fire Dragon Screen starts and throughout the process until the Screen ships. In addition, every backer will be provided a link to our SCRY Fire Dragon Page where they can see the real time progress of every Screen order by backer number. 

This campaign will be the Beta test of the SCRY system and we look forward to  working with our backers to ensure this new system is the best customer service experience in the industry.

Screenshot of the Alpha SCRY System

We are projecting fulfillment of 25 Player Pads per month beginning in May.

Guaranteed to blow your socks off. We are a small group of Lumberjacks that are devoted to ensuring that  every one of our customers is filled with joyous celebration.

When  you open your item for the first time, don't be surprised if you experience one of the following: prolonged speechlessness; immediate unexpected bowel movements; or bleeding eyeballs.

If this does not occur, or for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, contact us and we will make it right.

Dog Might creates functional artwork that is truly unique. We combine craftsmanship and thematic artistry to create pieces of functional art for your game.

All aspects of our creative process centers around crafting mind blowing gaming gear that no one has ever seen before. We pride ourselves on pushing the creative envelope ever forward.

The Dog Might Games room!

We have fulfilled many projects and have created thousands of items for gamers around the world. Check out our full line of Gaming Gear and learn more about our shop and staff.

Epic Gaming Gear we make!

Available Rewards:

$480USD + Shipping

Fire Dragon Valhalla Screen

Limited Edition 4 Panel Fire Dragon Valhalla Screen. Selectively stained in Fire with engraved reverse of screen and engraved plexi panels.


  • Limited Edition Fire Dragon Screen.
  • 2 Small Engraved Plexi Panels.
  • 1 Large Engraved Plexi Panel with Backer Name and Screen number.
  • 10 Ball Bearings to pin papers.
  • 6 Initative Trackers.
  • 3 Steel Rods to hold panels together.
  • Beta access to Scry System for realtime production updates.
$85USD + Shipping

Fire Dragon Player Pad

Player Pad in Fire Finish with Black Dragonhide lining and your choice from 20 engraving options.

NOTE: Fulfillment will be in waves of 25. Read our notes on fulfillment on the project page for more information.

Contents not included


Visit at DMG Headquarters

Join us for a day of celebration, gaming, and general mischief! You and a friend will get to hang out in Valhalla with the Dog Might Crew in Ann Arbor, MI! We’ll provide endless fun, mugs of brew, and food but you’ll need to sort transportation and lodging on your own. Date to be determined. Includes a Fire Dragon Valhalla Screen.


  • Limited Edition Fire Dragon Screen.
  • 1 Large Engraved Plexi Panel with Backer Name and Screen number.
  • 2 Small Engraved Plexi Panels.
  • 10 Ball Bearings to pin papers.
  • 6 Initative Trackers.
  • 3 Steel Rods to hold panels together.
  • Beta access to Scry System for realtime production updates.

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