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Live the Legend

Labyrinthos is an innovative strategic exploration game inspired by the ancient Greek legend of the Minotaur. Players take on the roles of Athenian sacrifices that have been forced into the Labyrinth to feed the monstrous son of Minos. Each player must explore the maze to uncover its secrets and outsmart the other sacrifices trying to escape. 

Labyrinthos has been in development for 2+ years and has been playtested by our largest forum team ever for over a year. With the help of so many enthusiastic players and hundreds of gameplays, Labyrinthos is a game that is easy to learn, quick to play, and offers tons of interesting player choices! 

A constantly changing game board

The Labyrinth is a place of twisting pathways where one can get lost for a lifetime. Maze tiles turn unexpectedly, secret passages lead to new places, and walls appear out of nowhere. Players will need to stay alert and keep adapting their strategy as their opponents transform and manipulate the maze.

Choose the types of actions you want to make each turn

In Labyrinthos, players have total control over their actions and action tokens! Each action costs a certain number of feet or hand tokens. Movement actions often cost feet tokens while manipulating the maze requires hand tokens. At the end of a player’s turn they must take 7 action tokens but may choose exactly how many of each token to take for their next turn. The Labyrinth is constantly changing so it’s important to choose a mix of tokens that will help you deal with unexpected challenges.

Characters with unique abilities for amazing replayability

In Labyrinthos all heroes have a special ability that’s completely unique to them. These abilities prompt differing strategies depending on the hero you play. Will you play the trap-dodging Diodotus, or Leona the Minotaur manipulator?

Player actions change throughout the game as the magic keys are collected

One of the most innovative mechanics in Labyrinthos is the key collecting system. Every time a player discovers a key they’ll have to choose one of the matching key tokens. Each key token contains a completely unique and powerful new action, but there’s nothing gained without sacrifice! The player will have to choose to put this new key token over one of their current actions, losing the ability to use that action for the rest of the game. Choosing the right key tokens and sacrificing your actions wisely is the difference between freedom and being lost forever!

Backer Voted Alt Art Monster


Check out the Mystery Goals further down the page for upgrades and add-ons!

Building the Labyrinth

Setting up the Labyrinth is simple and takes just a few minutes! Place the door tile in the middle of the table and surround it with the starting tiles. Then give the rest of the maze tiles a quick shuffle and place them in a 7x7 grid. Flip the starting tiles face up and the Labyrinth is ready to be explored! 

Explore the Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is randomly generated at the start of every game so no two games are ever the same. While exploring the dangerous maze, players will discover secret passages, helpful items, dangerous traps, or an unexpected encounter with the Minotaur!

Take Action

A player can perform an action on their hero board as many times as they want... as long as they can keep paying for it. Every action costs a certain number and type of action token to perform it.

Find the Keys

Daedalus hid four types of keys around the Labyrinth and players will need to find one of each before they can escape. Every time a player discovers a key they’ll have to choose one of the available matching key tokens and place it in a key slot on their hero board. Each key token has a new powerful key action but placing it in a key slot will cover up a different action. Deciding which key token to take and where to place it on your hero board is often the difference between freedom and becoming a tasty snack!

Control the Minotaur

At the end of their turn, each player will roll the Minotaur die and have a chance to control where the Minotaur will go next. If the Minotaur comes across an unlucky sacrifice, it will immediately Attack! Wounds are given to the unfortunate character based on a roll of the aptly named Blood Die.

Better Heal Those Wounds Quick

When a player receives a wound it doesn’t take away some of their life, it takes away one of their actions! When a player is wounded they must place a wound token on one of their actions. That action can’t be used again until the player heals or removes the token in another way. Players can choose to push their luck by leaving wound tokens on their actions and hoping they won’t need them in the turns to come!

Things Are Going to Get Desperate

Desperation cards represent the bursts of adrenaline one gets when they’re running for their life through a maze. Desperation cards can be played to give players sudden benefits: granting extra action tokens, forcing a player to reroll, and some even contain powerful magic items.

Escape to Freedom!

The player who discovers all four keys and is first to reach the door tile wins! 

Labryinthos plays in just 30-60 minutes and is a great game for the whole family.

"While I don't normally like 'take-that' games, Labyrinthos finds the right balance of strategy, exploring, and competition. My sister and I love to manipulate the maze and the Minotaur to try to hinder the other. Most of our games end with both of us racing towards the exit in a close finish that comes down to one turn--or mistake-- leading to victory." - Playtester RomyCat

"We really enjoyed the 'randomality' of the game. Because the tiles are laid out face down each time you play, each game plays out a little differently than the others adding a lot of replay value to the game."  - Playtester Wrenwyth

"There's a Minotaur. What more do you need to know? " - Playtester Wrenwyth

"Joli jeu de stratégie où il faut éviter le Minotaure, mais aussi les ruses des autres joueurs pour nous empêcher de sortir le premier du labyrinthe."  - Le jeu, une passion en société

One of our awesome playtesters has made Labyrinthos available on Tabletop Simulator! (Note that it may not represent the final version of the game.) 

Minotaur Valhalla Screen - $225

Crafted out of Black Walnut, this gorgeous piece will put the fear of the Minotaur in your players. Features:

  •  Break apart magnetic design for easy storage next to your rulebooks.
  • Each panel measures roughly 12" x 9", large enough to hold a full piece of paper and         oriented in Landscape format to allow easy access to your players and table.
  •  Metal rods hold your screen together firmly and allow full rotation of each screen to fit your table and GM style.
  •  18 Embedded magnets on the back of the screen for holding 2 included Plexiglass panels for note taking or steel bearings for posting charts and tables. 10 Bearings are included with every Screen to pin your papers and notes.
  • Inline initiative track along the top of every panel. Comes with 6 Plexiglass initiative trackers great for use with dry or wet erase markers.
  • Each panel is crafted from 0.625" solid, kiln dried hardwood. Our screens are created from hand selected boards, banded together horizontally to prevent movement of the wood for a lifetime of use.

Shipping costs: USA +$6, CAN +$15, EU +$15, All Others: +$25.

Custom Dice - $29

A set of custom wooden dice for the Minotaur and Blood dice. Crafted in Padauk (D8) and Black Walnut (D6) with hand applied Mother of Pearl inlay.

Shipping costs: Free!

Rolling Tray - $59

An exclusive rolling tray depicting the ferocious head and curled horn of the Minotaur. Crafted out of hand selected Northern American Black Walnut. Approximately 10" x 7" x 7/8". Crafted in the Dog Might woodshop.

 Shipping costs: USA +$5, CAN +$8, EU +$8, All Others: +$12.

Playmat - $25

Huge 30" x 30" neoprene playing surface featuring art from the Labyrinthos artist, Alyssa Menold.

 Shipping costs: USA +$8, CAN +$12, EU +$12, All Others: +$18.

Additional Copy of the Game - $40

 Shipping costs: USA +$12, CAN +$15, EU +$15, All Others: +$25.

Token Shield - $89

An exclusive Labyrinthos Token Shield, used to keep everything you need for the game neat and tidy.  Crafted by Dog Might in our Ann Arbor, Michigan woodshop, this Token Shield is made using North American Black Walnut and has the Minotaur symbol in the center, wells for Feet, Hand, Wound, and Wall tokens and four slots for Key Tokens (sizes may vary after manufacturing is complete). This token shield also features 'Lazy Viking' hardware on the bottom allowing the Shield to spin easily and a recessed Plexi panel to keep your tokens safe between games of Labyrinthos. Measures approximately 10 x 10 x 1.5"

Shipping Costs: USA $6, CAN +$9 US, EU +$9, All Others: +$14

Countdown: Action Edition - $25

Labyrinthos Game Designer Lindsey Rode's first game, launched and fulfilled on Kickstarter last year.  "One Reckless Action Hero, an Out of Control Hostage Situation, who will You Trust? Welcome to Countdown, the 80's hidden role game!"

 Shipping costs: USA +$5, CAN +$8, EU +$8, All Others: +$12.

Lindsey and Sawdust

Game Designer. Lindsey Rode is a tabletop game designer who can normally be found trying to sneak away from her job as a Dog Might Game’s Creative Director. She has a self awarded degree in pluckiness and feels extremely fortunate to have a full time job working with games. Many of her designs are inspired by the stories she loved as a kid and the endless make believe games she created with her younger twin brothers. Her greatest dream is the return of summers off and that her dog Sawdust will someday find buried treasure.

Alyssa and Fenrir

Artist. Alyssa Menold is an illustrator based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As a child she dreamed of attending Hogwarts and becoming a powerful witch, but when her letter never arrived she went with plan B: becoming an artist. This career led her to pursue a BFA in illustration at Kendall College of Art and Design, and then later an MFA in illustration from Hartford Art School’s low residency program. Nowadays the only wand she uses is the wand tool in Photoshop, but she enjoys the magic of bringing fantasy and science fiction worlds to life for people to play in. She currently teaches at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, and freelances under the supervision of her two fluffy dogs.

Ali and Bear

Graphic Designer. Ali Prater is a smiley graphic designer based in Columbus, Ohio. What is  there to smile about in Columbus, you ask? Lots, apparently, she says.  Ali attended the Columbus College of Art and Design, where she got her  BFA, majoring in Advertising and Graphic Design. Shortly after  graduation, she moved to London, where she worked for 5 years on both  her English accent and her career in strategic brand design and  packaging. She recently moved back to the states and works as an  independent artist, without an English accent (devastating), but with a  passion for coming alongside brands and helping them visually  communicate what magical thing they want to bring into the world.

Time Lapse of the Box. By Alyssa.

Gaming Accessories. Dog Might crafts high quality customizable wooden gaming accessories. We combine craftsmanship and thematic artistry to create truly unique pieces of functional art for your game. The company publishes board games created by our in house designer. Check out for more info.

Available Rewards:

$40USD + Shipping

Live the Legend

Get 1 copy of Labyrinthos!

$109USD + Shipping

King Minos Pledge

Get 1 copy of Labyrinthos, 1 Minotaur Rolling Tray, and 1 Game Mat.

$125USD + Shipping

Retail Pack

For retailers only.

Get 5 copies of Labyrinthos at a special discounted retail price. You can add additional copies for $25 each. Proof of retail business will be required.

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