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Mini Painter System in Redheart.

Transform your workspace with beautiful natural hardwood. The DMG Mini Painter System is a flexible and modular solution to keep your active materials front and center. Experience the highest quality all-in-one painting solution on the market.


Mini Painter System in Cherry.

Modular and customizable. Choose any number of components, including integrated shelving,  interchangeable tiles, and hand-held pedestal painters. Customize the ideal setup for your painting style, work-flow, and table size.

Mini Painter System in Shedua.


Mini Painter System in Maple.
The Brush Tray in action.


Pedestal Magnetics in Action


Troopers on a Chechen Painter

Longevity. Like all Dog Might products the Mini Painter System comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. We will continue to support the system on our retail website after the Kickstarter is fulfilled so you will be able to expand as your hobby grows.

Mini Painter System in Ziricote.
Chain of Shelves. All components are reversable.
Stability for fine details.


Mini Painter System in Canarywood.
Miniature Painting System in Black Dragonscale.
Mini Painter System in Frankenstein configuration (multiple mixed species).
Easy to clean catalyzed lacquer finish.


Mini Painter System in Padauk.

See Crafting Results Yourself. The SCRY System is an order tracking feature that allows our customers to see their order progress in real time. Each step of the process will have a detailed description and behind the scenes look at how we do what we do. You will also be able to see which craftsperson is working on your item at any given time and you will receive update emails as your order progresses.

Backers will be emailed when production of their Mini Painter System starts and throughout the process until the MPS ships. In addition, every backer will be provided a link to our SCRY Mini Painter Page where they can see the real time progress of every order by backer number.

Bolstering creativity and defending artists.

Our powerhouse team of craftspeople will blow your mind with our gaming gear - we customize EVERYTHING and back it up with outstanding customer service, a lifetime guarantee, live production transparency, and a deep connection with the gaming community.

We are champions of creativity. We believe in safeguarding our artists and craftspeople. We support the community, treat people with respect, and stand up for what is right.

This is our mission.

 The Mikes play with the final prototypes before launching the Kickstarter.


Watch Mike and Mike as they brainstorm and create the Miniature Painter System from scratch on Unleashed: The Rebarkening.


Places you've seen our Epic Gaming Gear

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