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The Phoenix Collection - a symbol of rebirth that we all deserve right now. Celebrate the passing of 2020 and embrace optimism for the future with this Limited Edition Kickstarter collection. Each piece is themed around the Phoenix and has a special feature to mark them as unique to this period in time.

Phoenix designs are exclusive to Kickstarter and will not be available after the campaign ends.

Phoenix D2021. No matter what you roll, hope and optimism are the outcome with this commemorative D20. This solid piece of maple features engraved numbers, a 21 instead of a 20, and is hand stained in the fiery visage of the Phoenix. If you want something extra special upgrade to Macassar Ebony with hand applied mother of pearl inlay. Flip 2020 the bird and get rolling again. Click here for more information about our Dice

Phoenix Mini Painter. Stabilize your painting hand and buff your DEX in style. This piece of 3d sculpture showcases the Phoenix in full 360, boasts an ergonomic grip for prolonged painting sessions, and snaps to a magnetic base. The hand turned copper acts as a stabilizer for painting the smallest of details, and the pedestal is finished with an ash and fire motif. Move your painting game forward with stability. Click here for more information about our Mini Painters.

Phoenix Dice Box. This inspiring case features three sides of fully sculpted fiery glory. Enshrine your prized dice within the grip of the Warrior and Phoenix. Rare earth magnets firmly close the case and ensure a protective barrier of solid fire. This epic piece of curly Maple is hand finished to capture the flames of hope that are the rebirth of the Phoenix. Click here for more information about our Dice Boxes.

Phoenix Rolling Tray. Get back to the table and throw fire with your bare hands. This personal rolling tray features hot to the touch Phoenix rails and an epic engraved lining. Crafted from solid Maple and finished in the bye-bye 2020 theme of fire and ash. Let’s recapture our empathy and get back to rolling. Click here for more information about our Rolling Trays.

Phoenix Player Pad. Carry the Phoenix with you to every game with this customizable player tool. A solid plexi shield keeps your supplies in place and provides an area for notes and tracking. The reverse features the Phoenix in fiery detail to keep you company wherever you go. With over 25 different plexi templates to choose from, ensure your character has the ideal loadout. Let’s all cheer on the stalwart players that carry the adventure. Click here for more information about our Player Pads.

Phoenix Lantern Dice Tower. Control the fire directly with this Bluetooth enabled light casting dice tower. The Lantern is a vertical rolling tower that is both visible and accessible from all sides of the table and features real time customizable lighting controlled by your phone. Immortalized by the fiery visage of the Phoenix, this tower will shine the light of truth on your entire table. Click here for more information about our Dice Towers.

Phoenix GM Screen. Fortify the table and inspire the party with this amazing centerpiece and GM Screen. This mind blowing screen is supercharged with the energy and optimism of the Phoenix. Wield pure bad-assery from the seat of power behind this behemoth. Each screen features hand applied staining and comes with plexi panels and initiative trackers. Bring the power of inspiration to your stories. Click here for more information about our GM Screens.

Phoenix GM Screen Accessories. Add an array of snap on extras to your Phoenix screen to enhance it’s utility. This magnetic pen holder, dice rack, dice tower, and carrying bag will give you the flexibility you need to overcome any challenge. All pieces feature a hand applied flame and ash finish, and the dice tower is fully sculpted with the iconic Phoenix itself. Enhance your utility in the face of the unexpected.  Click here for more information about our Screen Accessories.

Need it all? Snag one of everything and embrace the fire and and ash of the Phoenix. Turn your gaze forward with our blessing with an epic discount. (Regular $1081)

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